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Referral Contest

Tell your family and friends to call and schedule an appointment for a first-time adjustment or massage and qualify to win our prize package in this month's drawing!

Referral Contest

Jody Smith Chiropractic rewards our customers for their continued loyalty and support. Our monthly Referral Contest rewards the person with the most referrals with a prize package consisting of 2 1-hour massages, one BIOFREEZE products and assorted other goodies. Each month we post the winners name on our website. Past winners names are shown at the right.

Don't miss you opportunity to cash in on the fun. Refer your friends and family to Jody Smith Chiropractic and not only help them improve their total wellness, but qualify yourself for a great prize package to boot!!!







Past Winners

  • December 2009
    • Bobbie Bender
  • January 2010
  • Anna Marie Taylor
  • February 2010
  • Brandy Hawker